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New layout, London, and stuff...

I finally got around to change my layout, I still like the old one, and might use it again later, but I felt like a change.

The original code is from minty_peach.

Last weekend my sisters and I went to London. The plain tickets were my 30th birthday present. We had an amazing time and the weather was perfect!
We went to see The Lion King, which was beautiful :)

I kinda got a new job back in February. Well it's the same job as before, just at the company who developed the system I work with... It's a little complicated :)

The people there's great and I have a lot of fun, even though it's a little stressful at moment. One of my coworkers' girlfriend had a baby and so he's got some time of and we share a lot of job responsibilities, so now my workload kinda of doubled :)
Tags: layout change, sisters, trip, work stuff
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